BigFields zoltanm v 3.0

BigFields zoltanm v 2.0

FS19 BigFields zoltanm

4 big field
-1. 170.7 ha
-2. 69.4 ha
-3. 18.6 ha
-4. 69.4 ha

work BGA
-capacity 1000000000
-fillType all++
-fillType all++



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3.4/5 - (17 votes)

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File File size
zip FS19_BigFields_zoltanm 132 MB

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11 Responses

  1. Geneo's Farm says:

    you spawn(enter) on top of shop roof. Buy a car and it is in the air and will not come down, even after reset. I would recommend waiting for author to rework the Map a bit

    • rimdov says:

      True story, there could be some improvments, but it worked for me, bought a car, used tab and got inside the car with no problems 🙂 as showed in the pictures no problems driving around 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    nul as chié tu achéte un outil il est sur le toit du magasin imposible de l atteler en plus les champ il faut les labouré ses nul as chier

  3. Danie Gouws says:

    Please make a 200,000 liter trailer with a hitch and lpease a stump cutter that can make the tree dissapear like the one in FS2017

  4. Todd says:

    I agree with Danie Gouws. We need that stump cutter that makes trees disappear please. It was crucial in FS15-17 to quickly be able to get rid of nuisance trees. Thank you

  5. joe says:

    is this fixed? whish someone had a multi fruit map lol

  6. Danny says:

    This map is not ready for public use.

  7. Geneo's Farms says:

    Great improvements !
    Hang in there

  8. Nothing says:

    where the f*ck are the fields

  9. patrick says:

    hallo leute kann mir wer helfen ich kan auf dem land nichts machen wass soll ich tun

  10. Anonymous says:

    this map is terrible no room to build your own farm no room for placeables i wont be playing it either

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