Welcome to American_Dream,
– American_Dream is based on a fictional map of America, I designed this map so you can also
– Build your own farms i.e. animals etc. The map includes flat and mountainous terrain.
– American_Dream is supported by seasons.
– There are 50 domains ranging from medium to large.
– Large forests.
– 10 points of sale include BGA, Spinning, 2 sawmills, Barn.
– 1 large main farm on 3 separate areas and a meadow and 2 large areas to place your personalized constructions.
– Transport missions included and field contract with farmers.
– Train included
– A big thank you to FusingGrain and Fernand 24 for supporting me on this project and thank you also to FusingGrain for allowing me to use some of its models.
– A big thank you also to Stevie for allowing me to use some of his mods
– I wish you a lot of fun on American_Dream



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Download mod

FileFile size
zip FS19_American_Dream289 MB

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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    The trigger on the animal dealer box for the dialogue screen does not work

  2. Anonymous says:

    Merci pour le commentaire, je regarde au soucis et bientôt une mise a jour

  3. anonimus says:

    hola, el mapa me encanta todo pero ¿Dónde esta la tienda de animales?

  4. richyrich says:

    trigger at aveve does not work. tried tipping wheat there and it wont let me.

  5. Geerinckx says:

    Pour le Déclencheur a Aveve il ne fonctionne pour le moment qu’avec le train. Une mise a jour est prévue début Février. Il y aura 2 déclencheurs. Et d’autre points rectifier pour le trafic.
    vinc1967 Auteur de la carte.

  6. Geerinckx says:

    Hola. Gracias por el comentario. Por los animales con la version V1.1 esta arreglado ese problema. de aqui a poco va ter otra version por el trafiico y el problema de Aveve que falta algo para descargar la mercancia

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