conversion of the rogator 600 from fs17.
added ic control
added universal passenger
added compatibility with hose mod from wopster
added 665 engine configuration
added different tank sizes



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8 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Van u make a version without the ic ? Isn’t working Well with coursplay

    • Anonymous says:

      its not worth it for me to make a new upload without ic. its pretty easy to remove it yourself.
      1) open the mod
      2) open up the moddesc.xml file
      3) in the ‘specializations’ part, delete out the 2 lines ‘interactiveControl’ and ‘interactiveWindows’
      4) same as step 3 but now in the ‘vehicleTypes’ part

  2. Poncho says:

    Thanks very much Anonymous – this is one of those mods that you just want to have because it’s different, but also need it to be compatible with things like Courseplay.

    For some reason Courseplay cannot detect the ‘Working Width’ of this vehicle either.

    • MattB says:

      the reason courseplay aint working as its supposed is cause this sprayer has both build in ic and build in hose mod compatibility, the moment i take either of those off, it works fine

  3. Poncho says:

    Any chance in a future version of this mod where the windshield can be adjusted for the lens blur effect? When driving 1st-person with a light source directly behind, the windshield whites-out completely to the point where you cannot see where you are driving.

  4. Michke says:

    Wenn ich die Mod im MP einspiele kommt beim verbinden “Warten auf Akzeptieren des Spielhosts”

  5. Michke says:

    Wenn ich diese Mod in den MP einfüge kommt permanent “Warte auf akzeptieren des Spielhosts” ….

    • MattB says:

      Das ist nur ein Serverproblem. Sind Sie sicher, dass die Option “Automatisch akzeptieren” auf dem Server aktiviert ist?
      auf meinem dedi funktioniert es einwandfrei

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