From professionals for professionals
Z-seed is produced by professionals for professionals.
Therefore, farmers can concentrate on their core business with the use of Z seeds,
in the meantime, the seed industry is also doing this.
In this way it creates the best basis for an excellent harvest.

And the Agriculture Simulator 2019 is all about successful viewing, which is why there is now
Certified seed set.

The following products can be purchased in the new Baywa_Agrar shop category:

Sack 50 kg

Pallet with 12 bags of 50kg
Pallet with 24 bags of 50 kg
Pallet with 36 bags of 50 kg

Pallet with 24 bags of 50 kg foiled
Pallet with 36 bags of 50 kg foiled

Pallet with 2to big bag

The bag can be easily transported by hand and lashed with a lashing strap.

Sack pallets and BigBag pallets can easily be used with front loaders, wheel loaders, forklifts, telescopic loaders, etc
be transported and loaded.

Filling via front loader by holding over the seeder or directly via the seeder when approaching.

The farmer is only entitled to high germination, technical purity, low stocking and varietal purity with Z seeds.
These parameters are ensured in the multi-stage and strictly controlled production.


Modell: Buschi
Textur: Buschi
Script: Buschi Categorizer dajooh
Idee / Konzept: Buschi
Tester: Buschi , Dennis

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