Dondi 800 Pack v 1.0

Dondi 800 Pack v 1.0

Dondi 800 Pack v 1.0

Dondi 800 Pack v 1.0

Dondi 800 series subsoiler pack:
– 805; 5 anchors, working width 2.8m, requires 180hp, specific weight 1300kg
– 807: 7 anchors, 3.5m working width, requires 250CV, specific weight 1800kg
– 809: 9 anchors, working width 4.5m, requires 370CV, specific weight 2200kg
– 811: 11 anchors, working width 5.5m, requires 500CV, specific weight 3350kg
– 813: 13 anchors, working width 6.5m, requires 700CV, specific weight 4200kg


Model: agrigamer15
Texture: Manu Fendt
Script: Alex Rossi, Neyther
Idea / Concept: Alex Rossi, Neyther
Testing: Alex Rossi, Neyther
Other: AGTechModding

3.4/5 - (7 votes)

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zip FS19_Dondi800_Pack 23 MB

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1 Response

  1. Farmer Jorn says:

    Sorry but this is not working good at all, the plough is way to heavy for all normal tractors like fendt vario 1050.

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