CLAAS C540 V1.0

CLAAS C540 V1.0

This is my converted Claas C540, now for the LS 19, it’s really not good, the lighting for example doesn’t work, but in principle it works wonderfully.
As you can see in the pictures, there is a configuration, if you use the Claas Dominator from the DLC or the “Mod” Dominator, it is best to choose the version “Mega 208”


Modell: T0bi69/ Giants / usxi7sd
Textur: Rival/ T0bi69/ Giants / usxi7sd / PeterAH
Script: Oldenfarm/PeterAH/ Rival/ T0bi69/ Giants / fruktor
Tester: PeterAH

Download mod

FileFile size
zip FS19_C5403 MB

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