Bruks Un Bigdaddy v 2.0

Bruks Un Bigdaddy v 2.0

Bruks Un Bigdaddy v 2.0

Bruks Un Bigdaddy v 2.0

Here is the Bruks Un Bigdaddy. I have modified the original Bruks un by Dimanix (Original Creator) so that it will now cut down trees and makes woodchips. If you purchase and attach the stump cutter attachment, you will also be able to grind the stumps as well. I wanted to have all the features in one mod without having to make a seperate stump cutter attachment, however the way scripts are done in FS17 as oppose to FS15 this was not able to be done. Once I added the stumpcutter function to the Bruks it would cut down the tree and grind it up without making woodchips. This now functions similar to the Bruks Un Plus that everyone enjoyed in Farming Simulator 15. Please note that you will need to purchase each item seperate and will need to attach the Bigdaddy stump cutter once to the Bruks and you will have a all in one woodchiping, tree cutting, stump grinding machine to make any forest a breeze to harvest. It is recommended to pull a trailer behind while doing this, however it also has a large capacity and can use the tip anywhere feature as well. If you have any questions please see the attached photos for clarification. I will also post Youtube Videos showing how it assemble it as well all the great features of it.

It will be able to be used with the following motorized vehicles:
1.) Tractor with front attacher
2.) Tractor with front end loader arms
3.) Skidsteer
4.) Front End Loader
5.) Telehandler

Current Known Issues: Texture on Pipe


Original Mod Dimanix
Converted By SlimJim
Edited and Modified by Bigdaddy012678

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FileFile size
zip FS19_Bruks_Un_BD9 MB

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  1. Nisroc says:

    I don’t like this mod but it is useful for when everything gets frustrating

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