The XBR-2 has a completely different architecture than modern combines.
The concave co-rotates with the rotor, but at a different speed, which allows for a significant increase in threshing and separation capacity.
The TWIN-SCREW has but three belts on the entire machine.
There are fewer motors and chains and many fewer parts than today’s combines.
The machine has full tracks across the bottom, giving it a dramatic increase in flotation and turning radius.
It is equipped with a 400-bushel (14100L) grain tank, and a 3.5-bushel-per-second unloading capacity via a conveyor system.

Simply, the TWIN-SCREW was ahead of its time.
“It’s a 1994 machine with the capabilities and capacities of a lot of the machines we find on the market today,”
– 2 grain tank configurations.
– Light configurations.
– Tracks configurations.
– Numbers configurations.
– Pipes configurations.
– GPS and Tablet configurations.
– OVERSIZE configurations.

Price: 187.000 $
Power: 306HP

Required Mods:
John Deere Corn Headers (By: SiiD Modding)
John Deere 600F Series (By: Steenkamp Modding and Appalaches Modding)


SiiD Modding

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