TRIBINE T1000 V3.0

TRIBINE T1000 V1.0

Power: 478 kW / 650 HP;
Speed: 50 km / h;
Fuel tank capacity: 1893 l.;
Price: 650 000 €;
Hopper capacity: 120,000 l.;
Primary color selection;
Design color selection;
The choice of color rim;
Working lighting;
Animated display;
Leave trace.

Terra Flex Header:
Price: 92 000 €;
Working speed: 20 km / h;
Working width: 19.6 m.;
Choice of primary color.

Corn Cutter Reaper:
Price: 95 000 €;
Working speed: 20 km / h;
Working width: 18.1 m.;
Primary color selection;
Choice of design color.
Archive to unpack!

What has been done ?
Pipe length configurations (short or long)
Wheel configurations (with or without rear wheel weight)
Auger capacity configurations (realistic or not)
Engine configurations (realistic or not)
New sound
New decal on the pipe



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5 Responses

  1. Desi Mac says:

    I like this mod. I got huge fields and this mod is great for them. Been using it for a couple days now. What I have found is the need for slight adjustments on what the grain header skips when a helper is at work, and the same for the corn header. when I am at the wheel, it works just fine, it’s just a slight adjustment needed for when helpers are in control. thank you.

  2. yes says:

    can you use hire farmer?

  3. Anon says:

    The only issues i have with this is the auger on the very left side of the corn header doesn’t work nor harvest and there’s no animation of the crop going into the very right side

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is this available for PS4

  5. RENZO says:

    Откуда такой дизайн взялся, почему некто незделал а втом которим он существует ??

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