JOHN DEERE 7760 COTTON Baler v1.1

John Deere 7760 Cotton Baler v 1.0

Ok so here’s how the picker works. The lift door can be raised and lowered with the mouse like the tailgates of trucks. When the buzzer goes off, say the baler is almost full, lower the back door with the mouse to open it. When the bale is released, it adapts itself to hold the bale. If you want to drop the bale, lower the door with the mouse and close it all the way up

I corrected the steering problems, added an interior to fix the cameras, and the header now has the correct width. If you set cotton to 0.98, the lines are perfect for this selection. I slowed the tailgate. , NOT WORKING WITH REGISTERED WORKER!


Josh( – [Edit] AleCA

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5 Responses

  1. Buck Noris says:

    Is this a good replacement to slaves?

  2. geff says:

    first real cotton harvester

  3. Anonymous says:

    stop posting unreal and not the real thing this is a real fake of it 1000000% do not download

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bales come out as invisible and disappear if you interact with them.

  5. Tony Stark says:

    Works great for me but anyone else working on my farm can not see the bales that have been produced by the harvester. Its almost like the harvester is MP compatible but the bales are not. 5 stars for the harvester, 2 stars for the bales cuz im the only one who can see / interact with them.

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