Here’s the update to my JD combines and cutters. These replace any previous versions I released. Unzip the downloaded file and place the mod zips into your mods folder. Have fun with them.



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zip FS19_ModUpdateJDcombinesandcutters07122019UNZIPME 83 MB

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2 Responses

  1. antone53 says:

    Hi Stevie antone53 hear again, this update is the one I was looking for with the large crawlers, but the 40′ Leugan Quattro is too short, the beacon gets in the way.

    Question for your expertise, hope you can help?
    When I download some vehicle mods, in particular Custom Moddings mods, nearly all of them have faulty paintwork, namely where it should be JD Green its white, this is always the same, trying to get a JD 4045 which works perfectly but the chassis is always white.
    Someone said its either a faulty mod or its being affected by another mod, Started a new game with only the JD4045 in the game but it was still white, know your busy but can you help, Please, Keep up the excellent work your mods are the greatest, will keep checking the web site for hopefully a welcome reply

  2. antone53 says:

    Great combine Stevie, but where is the version with the large tracks, that one is much better, smoother ride, the one without the large tracks is bumpy and when you empty the pipe keeps going in and out like crazy, saying that I’m using one of Eagle 355THs header, cruises at 22mph
    Still great combine.

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