All model work done by Cole Ashlock, and James Doherty

Custom 1 off build frame.
Retrofitted interior.
Basically 90% done by me (Cole)

ALL Done by James

XML, G.E. work

James, and Cole.

Fuck Winston for stealing v1

Do not upload this mod to other sites, please share orginal link.

I know the Jeep isn’t 100% yet. I still need to finish up the front and rear axles, and add more detail there.

This is VERSION 1.5 I’ll update it when I feel like it so dont ask.

How to mount winch, get the mountable winch mod. Then drive up to it.

Lifted Jeep you will have to pick the winch up, toss it on the hood, then hop in jeep and hit Q to connect it.
Only way I could get it to work without a shit ton more work.


Cole Ashlock

Download mod

FileFile size
zip FS19_2020_Jeep_Gladiator176 MB

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8 Responses

  1. peter says:

    spiel stürzt ab, bzw lädt nicht.
    game does not load with this mod.

  2. Anonymous says:

    would you be able to make it into a 6×6 referencing this https://i.ytimg.com/vi/KgSefqUBuEA/hqdefault.jpg

  3. Hunter says:

    Game crashes at load up!

  4. Michael Strezos says:

    Yeah, i am having the same issue however it works fine when there are no mods in the save. Some mods work ok with it but i am also testing it and ill post again if i find something.

  5. Anonymous says:

    what is that lowered 1st gen in the back

  6. Ricker says:

    can you give us the file for the lifted 1st gen in the back plz

  7. chase solomon says:

    i want the first gen too but honestly i want to make a lowered 1st gen but i cant but hopefully in the future

  8. chase solomon says:

    Cole Ashlock can i get some mods from u and modify them a little bit because im just started modding so i would really like that cuz i love those tires

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