2020 FORD F250 – F450 V1.2

2020 FORD F250 - F450 V1.2

Release has come! F250 F350 and F450 all in one
2 dually Wheel options
2 srw Wheel options
Ranch Hand bumper option
Flatbed option


Mod Built By Rodrigo Ramirez Gonzalez from Roro Customs on Facebook.
Mod based of Exp K30 dually xml for movable steering and rotating Driveshafts.
Interior Body Parts Used from Exp F250 by David Fructuoso.
Bfgs from Exp.
Forgiatos Donated for release by Adrian SirLoco Greer Sir. Loco Customs.
2020 Model Donated for release by Josh Cantlin.
Custom Ranch Hand Beadlocks Front Super 60 axle Correct for ford f250s and up by roro customs.
Thank you to all my testers From Roro Customs Beta Group and The Expendables Modding Group for all the help along the way.
Especial thanks to David Fructuoso for teaching me customs specs for wear and dirt.
Credits to 7 up modding For the flatbed lights setup from the f650 release.
Especial thanks to Josh Cantiln .
Also credit to Back Street Boys Modding for the semi hitch.
Built for 814 modding group and official facebook page.
For More Mods visit Roro Customs on Facebook
The Expendables on Facebook
7up Modding on Facebook
Sir Loco Customs on Facebook

Download mod

FileFile size
zip FS814_FORD2020SD165 MB

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  1. Enzzo says:


    • Anonymous says:

      download the mod, and then place it inside your FS19 mod folder. Activate the mod on the mod manager and it should show up in your store to purchase.

  2. Joshua/ mochbager says:

    How can I get it and also how can I get it on my Xbox 1

  3. Astin says:

    How do you get ford trucks

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