2020 Chevy plow truck v1.0

2020 Chevy plow truck v1.0

This is artist jack truck I just added a snow plow mount.


adub modding

Artist jack

Download mod

FileFile size
zip ART_2020_Chevy_2500HD_plow102 MB

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4 Responses

  1. Wyatt The Driver 93 says:

    My question Where do you get the plow because I cannot find any

  2. Roger miller says:

    try looking in the (plows) section if that doesn’t then try going in (mic) and see if its in there

  3. Anonymous says:

    ya none of the plow trucks on here come with a plow I dont understand it?

  4. Beluga says:

    Guys, just read the description : JUST ADDED A PLOW MOUNT !!!

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