R.D.C. FS19 v1.2

R.D.C.FS19 v 1.0

-Not compatible with Seasons.
-The update requires starting again. The changes are significant. It is recommended at the beginning, to have interactive zones activated in the configuration menu.
-User consoles and PC with remote. To select the new content, move the cursor with the joystic up. Down is not selected.
-In particular to you three, to all those who write to me in the mail and to the people of the forum.
New content or improvements in the next update.



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3 Responses

  1. Sly Beaudry says:

    On PS4, cannot cash in my harvest at the Mill (RDC Castilla Y Leon map).The grate is lifted and therefore, not accessible. Any tips or is this something that needs to be fixed

  2. kasikoipi says:

    auger wagon solve problem to mill-deliver

  3. Anonymous says:

    reporting errors on buying all fields

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